#So i’m doing an executive master# Well actually I’m almost done, I just need to write a little paper on the subject of IT-Management.

Most of the literature on DevOps are based in consultancies, There is very little academic literature on the subject. DevOps is not born out of the academic community but from the modern developer’s community and the unicorns of the internet age (Netflix, Google etc…).

My plan is to look into DevOps, I will examine:

  • How do we define DevOps?
  • Why do we implement DevOps?
  • How do we implement DevOps?

There are two sides to these questions - What does the literature say and how is it defined in “real” life.

How do we define DevOps

The broad definition of DevOps is to promote better communication between the developers and the operators.

We also see that people like Michael Porter are hearing about DevOps and the potential merits of this. In the article How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies he presents his view on DevOps. How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies So to begin to look into DevOps I will need a definition, so I have an idea of how organizations are perceiving DevOps and use this to build a better understanding of why we implement DevOps.

Why do we implement

What is it organizations believe DevOps will help them solve, What is the value? We have a lot of knowledge from the consultancies which are selling the DevOps idea, but they also have the incentive to make it as good as possible. I will examine if the consulting based why match the reality of the why.

How do we implement

Is DevOps an organizational transformation process or is it a toolbox from which we can make our IT organization more efficient. The how it the last leg of my executive masters.

I will try to elaborate more on the subject as i get started with my interviews. so this is the first part.