My README on what I value and what my team can expect from me

I have tried finding a format for having transparency into me as a manager, I don’t know if this is a perfect way, but it is one way. So hopefully this will evolve with me and my teams to match where we are in the world. Feel free to send me some feedback

Magnus Udbjørg, As a manager

Why this README?

My goal is the to give you an insight into what you can expect from me and what I see as the most efficient way to work together. Think of this document as an introduction to my mind and operating model; this is something we will build together in 1-1’s and our everyday life.

My Job

  • Attract, Retain and build a world-class development organization (yes, you are)
  • Set Context
  • Enable you to do excellent work

How I approach my work

I’m not an authoritative boss, I believe in being a servant leader. I will strive to help you succeed and give you the career path you want, one of my goals is to help you progress on this path.

  • I serve you, and you don’t serve me. I’m always available for you, ask me.
  • You work for Mono solutions, not for you direct manager or me.
  • I will make mistakes, and I want to improve. Hold me accountable, tell me.

I will expect a high degree of autonomy; You are a part of Mono Solutions because you are a bright and intelligent person. Therefore I trust that you know your limits and expect you to ask for help or support when you need it. I might suggest a solution, I will not force it upon you, you are ultimately responsible for the code and know more about it than I. Everybody is different, and I know that some folks need more guidance if you need more advice let me know (a soon as possible).

Most people work between about 9:00 to 17:00 unless something extraordinary is happening. I don’t expect to communicate with you outside of these hours unless it’s an emergency. But you are always welcome to write, slack or call me outside working hours.

Your role in the team is to ship great software and experiences to our customers; my part is to enable you and your skill set to live up to this promise.

I value

  • Teamwork
  • Transparency
  • Empowerment
  • Continuous learning


  • I’m not great at feedback, and I’m still learning. Let me know if you need more input or just better feedback.
  • I have opinions, This does not mean they are correct, or you should blindly believe them. Please disprove me so that I can learn with you.
  • I can get stressed out, and When this happens, I may be short with you. Tell me to go for a walk if it happens.
  • I like being right, and I will sometimes argue just to be right.

If you see something, the annoys or I do something you disagree with let me know! I also need your feedback to become better.

Need to talk?

  • I am in a lot of meetings, very few of them are more important than spending time talking with you if you want to speak with me.
  • Feel entirely free to put time on my calendar to tell whenever you want
  • If you need to talk, let’s talk.