Meet Magnus Udbjørg

Driven by a profound love for technology, I am a devoted developer and leader with an Executive Master’s degree in IT-Management and a BA in Social Science and Computer Science. I find every facet of IT exhilarating, viewing it as a versatile tool that can benefit our world significantly. With a constant thirst for knowledge, I endeavour to share everything that sparks my curiosity. This continuous pursuit of learning allows me to stay abreast of the dynamic landscape of technology.

Presently, I am the CTO at TestaViva. TestaViva is an exceptional Legal-tech company transforming how individuals manage their legal documents throughout their lives. It’s a role that allows me to contribute to and witness the evolution of the legal-tech landscape firsthand.

Personal Snapshot

  • Devoted husband to Line Langballe
  • Proud father of two – Frej, an incredible young man, and Liv, a wonderfully bright little girl.
  • Nearly two decades of rich experience in the IT industry

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